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Remote expert support: The cost for this option is negotiated and discussed with the expert. In this mode, the expert will use their diagnostic tablet to assist with the repair. For example, if you are using the 909 tablet that does not support a particular function, but the expert has an ultra or other diagnostic tablet that supports that function, the expert can remotely connect their tablet to the vehicle you are diagnosing via some form of link.

Remote desk (TeamViewer): This option is free of charge. However, it requires prior explanation of the reason for assistance and scheduling a time. In remote desk mode, it is similar to remote desktop control, allowing the expert to remotely access and control your tablet.

The model that supports Remote Expert

How to activate the "Remote Expert" On my Scanner?

Please contact us via sales@diagmart.com, and send us the S/N of your scanner. We will help you activate it.

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