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About diagmart

Diagmart is an Autel Authorized Distributor. We are authorized to sell Autel products online, including Autel OBD2 Diagnostic Scanners, Code Readers, Autel TPMS Tools, Autel Key Programmers and Autel Automotive Videoscope, etc.

All products from DiagMart support Autel 1-Year Warranty and Professional Technical Service.

Find our company on Autel Authorized Dealer page: https://store.autel.com/pages/authorized-dealers

About Autel

As an expert in this indutry, Autel has been deeply involved in the global automotive intelligent diagnosis and testing field for more than ten years. We have now built three product lines including automotive diagnostic products,TPMS series for automotive tire pressure monitoring systems, IMMO series for car immobilizer system, and ADAS series for automotive intelligent assisted driving systems. Autel continues to iterate from automotive diagnostic products as we have developed specialized products such as TPMS series and ADAS series. After all, a Red Dot winner does not come out of nowhere.

True Reasons Buying From Diagmart

Local Warehouses

Why do we promise that we can deliver items to customers in just 3 to 5 days? Tha's because we have two warehoused in the United State. We ship your orders out from the warehouse near you.

Qualified & Friendly Support

Vehicle diagnostic tools are nothing like the other tools. These are rather complicated than any other tools. In that case, competent customer support is very important. And we get a whole Autel support team with us.

Authentic Product Guarantee

As an Autel dealer, we only sell and provide authentic Autel tools on our site. If you ever find you receive shoddy products from diagmart, we promise to pay you two times the price of the product.

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