2 Years Update Autel Maxisys Ultra EV 2023 Top Intelligent Diagnostic Scanner With 5-In-1 VCMI, ECU Programming, Advanced Topology Map, Intelligent Diagnositcs

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2023 Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV For New Energy Vehicles

The MaxiSys Ultra EV is a new generation of intelligent diagnostics system for electric, gas and diesel, and hybrid vehicles. Upgraded from Autel Ultra/ MS909EV/ MS919/ MS909/ Ultra Lite, this Autel Ultra EV intelligent diagnostic scanner adds EVs diagnostics, EV high-voltage system diagnosis, and battery pack offline analysis.

Based on Ultra MS919, Autel Ultra EV upgrade an entirely new and never before seen technology that is EV High-Voltage system diagnostics and Battery Pack diagnostics. Besides, Autel Ultra EV has remarkable innovation on topology map 2.0, Intelligent Diagnostic, ECU Programming & OE Coding Adaptation, Bidirectional Diagnose, etc, coact with Samsung Exynos8895V octa-core CPU, Android 7.0 OS, offering comprehensive and fastest diagnose for electric, hybrid, gas vehicles. Autel MaxiSys UltraEV adds EVDiag Box & Adapters to perform Battery Pack diagnostics.

ultra ev features

Autel Scanner MaxiSys Ultra EV combines these features, which makes it a perfect solution for electric, gas and diesel, and hybrid vehicles.

EV Box Make New Energy Vehicle Diagnose

  • Diagnose New Energy Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles
  • High-voltage system Block Diagnostics
  • Hight-voltage system Block Diagram(Zoom out/in)
  • Battery Pack offline Analysis

All Functions of Ultra

  • Intelligent Diagnostics(TSB, DTC Analysis, Repair Tips, Repair Assist, Relevant Cases)
  • Topology Module Map
  • ECU Programming & Coding
  • 5 in 1 VCMI/40+ Services/Active Test(Bi-directional control)
  • Battery Test(BT506), Endoscope(MV108), Oscilloscope
  • CAN FD/DO IP Protocols/WIFI Print

EV High-Voltage System Diagnostic

Autel MaxiSys UltraEV provides the highest high-voltage system diagnosis level for new energy vehicles, which can generates specific high-voltage system block diagrams for ECU system modules like SME, TEE1, CCU, IHKA, etc. Based on the clear high voltage system block diagram, it can distinct display the relationship between inner components in wire framing form diagram: display high-voltage line loop, power detection loop etc.

The MaxiSys Ultra EV performs rapid analysis of EV high-voltage system including ability to read, erase codes and view live data. The Ultra EV Scan tool is also able to quickly locate the faults and provide the battery maintenance advice for you. Comprehensive diagrams of high-voltage system block, components and sockets and step-by-step system disassembly instructions are included in this top intelligent scanner Autel Ultra EV.

What can Ultra EV high-Voltage System do for you?

  • Component Replacement
  • DTC & FFD, I/M Readiness, O2 Sensor Monitor
  • Code Read/Clear, Live Date
  • On-Board Monitor Vehicle Status
ultra ev high voltage diagnosis

One-Stop Intelligent Diagnostics, TOPOLOGY MAP 2.0

Upgrade of Autel Ultra/ MS919/ MS909EV, Autel Ultra EV provides top intelligent diagnosis, which build-in overall comprehensive database, including TSB, DTC Analysis, Repair Assist, Repair Tips, component measurement, related cases for repair reference. When specific fault codes is occurred, it can matched database to carry out intelligent diagnosis. Topology map 2.0 can visually display the relationship between systems via different colors.

Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV intelligent diagnostic scan tool can solve your issues quickly, and improve 90% efficiency, which is the first choice for repair shops and professionals.

What is Autel Intelligent Diagnostics?

Autel Intelligent Diagnostics is centered on guided fault finding, and integrates TSBs, detailed trouble code information, and recommended fixes, which helps improve technician repair skills and repair efficiency.

AutoScan 2.0, the Enhanced Feature for Ultra EV that you might be interested in for 2023.

How much scanning time can be saved?

The speed has been significantly improved, averaging more than three times that of competitors; the specific time saved depends on the number of CAN systems, with the more CAN systems, the more time can be saved.

What vehicle brands, and models are supported?
  • Supported Brands: Most common brands are supported, including VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Ford, Renault, Dacia, Samsung, Peugeot, Citroen, DS, BMW, Mini, etc. (Aston Martin, Ferrari, Fiat Brazil, Hyundai CV, Maserati, McLaren, Porsche are not supported).
  • Supported Models: Supports all CAN protocol models, regardless of the year

Intelligent Diagnostics - Accurate Maintenance

  • TSB: Matches the selected fault code with relevant vehicle manufacturer TSBs. It contains DTC-related recalls, TSB, and OEM campaigns.
  • DTC Analysis: Provides repair assistance information related to the fault code, including fault description, condition, possible cause and solution.
  • Repair Assist: Intelligently prioritizes DTCs, it displays a list of items and descriptions, completion status, and priorities.
  • Repair Tips: Repair Tips displays a range of diagnostic and repair steps, including the information needed in order to clear faults.
  • Component Measure: Provides detailed information and instructional guides on using the oscilloscope to test components for faults.

Unique Auto scan Topology Module Tree, Find the Roots of Problems at a Glance:

  • Intuitively display the current module status, all come in view (includes whether there's a DTC in a specific module, and the number of DTCs).
  • Systematically show the communication structure between the modules.
  • Directly display the fault code and enter the system to perform functions.
  • Clearly view the color coded module status tree by zooming in and out.

The new Topology Module Listing CAN BUS Tree, specially designed for the OEM diagnostic tools, shows all available control units of the test vehicle in different colors, helping users get to know the numbers of systems, the scanned systems, and the scan results at a glance.

The main section of Auto Scan screen displays a System List for most vehicles, a topology map at the same time for some vehicles, including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Chrysler, Fiat, Volvo and more.

Note: The function is not universally compatible with all vehicles. Please send us your VIN# to help you check compatibility first. Please Email us

Ultra EV Intelligent diagnostics and topology module map

Autel MaxiSys with Advanced ECU Programming & ECU Coding

What is ECU Programming?

ECU Programming (also known as flashing) is a process of writing specific programs into a module. With the program, the module can execute corresponding functions according to the algorithms in the program. It is similar to updating the operating system software version on our smartphones.

When is programming necessary?
  • After replacing an ECU: If an ECU has faults that cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. Since each vehicle has different factory settings, the software version for each ECU may vary. To ensure that the replacement ECU runs normally on the current vehicle, the ECU version needs to be updated to match the current software version.
  • When the current ECU version has defects: Some vehicles use technology that may not meet specific requirements. Each ECU version is not identical for each vehicle and may have bugs during development. When certain conditions are met, fault codes or other symptoms may appear. The manufacturer, such as Benz, may advise you to update the version. Programming is required in this situation.
  • When certain specific fault codes exist: When certain specific fault codes exist, the fault code wizard will prompt you to update the version. Programming is necessary to eliminate the current fault.
  • When some vehicle components undergo special modifications: Due to the modification of parts, the current ECU software version may not support the modification and requires version updates to match specific supported versions.
What is ECU Coding?

ECU Coding is a process of writing the factory-set parameters into a module to activate the ECU module programs or match with other ECU modules (BMW can also refer to updating versions).

When is coding necessary?
  • After replacing a module: Coding is necessary to match the module with the original vehicle.
  • When the module malfunctions: If there is a malfunction and dysfunction of a module, the data inside it may be corrupted. In this case, coding may be necessary to restore proper function.

Autel top scanner MaxiSys Ultra EV with VCMI can help you solve all above issues. With D-PDU, SAE J2534 & RP1210 protocols, Auto scan tool Maxisys Ultra EV provides diagnosing, coding, and programming for more passenger and commercial vehicles, much more advanced than J2534 programming tools.

  • Online ECU programming & coding without any special connectors for BMW (F & G chassis)
  • Online ECU programming for new chassis of Benz (204, 212, 207, 463, etc.); Online SCN for Benz (222, 212, 204, 205, etc.)
  • Online ECU coding for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Renault, etc.
  • ECU programming & coding for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, etc.
  • The VCMI module also supports various common vehicle buses protocols, for instance: KPW, CAN, CAN-FD, DoIP, etc. Speaking of the CAN-FD, its transmission speed is 14 times faster than CAN.

MaxiSys Ultra EV comes with both ECU programming and ECU coding function, so it will definitely fit for purpose if you run a professional repair shop.

Note: ECU Programming just for Specific BENz and BMW, and ECU Coding for Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, VW etc.

Ultra EV ECU Programming & ECU Coding

Ultra EV with Advanced 5-IN-1 VCMI

The VCMI device is designed with the functions of VCMI Manager, oscilloscope, multimeter, waveform generator, and CAN Bus Check. It can transmit vehicle data to the tablet with or without a cable connection, which is faster and more accurate.

This 5-IN-1 VCMI of Autel Ultra EV supports D-PDU, RP1210, Do IP, CAN-FD, and J2534 protocols, and it also compatible with OE-Level factory tools to scan or program the original software, which brings maximum convenience to your daily work.

Powerful 5-IN-1 VCMI All-IN-ONE Tool

  • Oscilloscope: Show how a signal varies with time in a graphical way.
  • Waveform Generator: Simulate the signals of automotive electronic components.
  • CAN BUS Check: Check whether the control units in vehicles's electronic control systems work properly or not.
  • Multimeter: Test voltage, current, resistance, frequency, diode, duty cycle, etc.
  • VCMI Manager: Pair the tablet with the VCMI device and to check the communication status.
5-in-1 VCMI

Ultra with Offline Battery Pack Diagnostics

With EVDiag Box new energy diagnostic box, MaxiSys UltraEV can quickly establish communication with Power battery of new energy vehicle to realize offline battery pack diagnosis. You can check battery pack data, including SOC/SOH, voltage, current, pack voltage delta, temperature and battery pack status. This intelligent scan tool provides offline battery pack diagnostics to ensure each battery is safely installed in the correct location.

What can Battery Pack Offline Diagnostics Function do you fou?

For maintenance vehicles such as Tesla, BMW, GM, Audi, BYD, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, etc. It can:

  • Check SOC/SOH, total voltage total current, pack voltage delta, temperature.
  • Offer Battery Maintenance Recommendations
ultra ev battery pack offline diagnosis

Powerful 40+ Maintenance Services

Autel MS Ultra EV provides you quick access to the vehicle systems for various scheduled service and maintenance tasks, which will save a large amount of dollars on your car's maintenance. The services include but not limited Oil Reset, ABS bleed, Injector, SAS Reset, TPMS, DPF, BMS, etc.

    • Commonly Used Reset Functions for Fast Maintenance or Repairs:

Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, ABS Bleed, TPMS, Airbag Reset, DPF Reg, IMMO Service, Injector Coding, SAS Calibration, Suspension Calibration, Throttle Adaption, ABS/SRS, Gear Learning, Sunroof Initialization, Seats Calibration, Headlight Matching, A/F Setting, WIN DR Roof, Odometer, CHG Tire Size, Cylinder, Turbocharging, Limit, Trans Adaption.

    • Advanced Functions for Different Vehicle Models:

Neutral Gear Position Learning, Torque Sensor Adjustment, Signal Check, Yaw Rate Sensor (YRS) Learn, Clutch Pedal Position Learn, Cylinder Power Balance, Component Matching, Stop/Start Reset, Transport Mode, Auto-Door Lock, etc.

  • Oil Reset Service: It allows you to perform a reset for a new calculation of the Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil.
  • EPB: The service is important in the maintenance of the electronic braking system's safety and efficiency.
  • BMS: The service allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle.
  • DPF: The service specially works for the Diesel Particulate Filter system with DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.
  • SAS: The service helps clear the fault steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.
  • TPMS: The service makes sense in displaying sensor IDs from the vehicle's ECU, inputting TPMS sensor replacement IDs and testing sensors.
  • ABS Bleeding: ABS brake bleeding to get a firm brake pad after air exhaustion.
  • Seats, Odometer, Injector, CHG tire size, TEC Learn, Suspension, Throttle, WIN OR ROOF, Lang Change, Headlamp.
  • More...
ultra ev 40+ functions

10+ High-End Functions & Powerful Hardware

Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV 2023 adds 10+ high-end functions to enhance its practicality, including but not limited Wifi Print, FAC Auto auth, Renault SGW, Pre & Post Scan, Work with MV105/ MV108, Work with BT506, Add P2P Direct Connection, IM instant messaging, etc, which will meet more of your diagnostic needs.

  • VAG Guided: Step-by-Step Special Maintenance Guide; Guide for VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Man LD, Bently.
  • Active Test & Bi-Directional Control: Mirror/Door/Win Test;A/C Clutch ob/off;Modulate the Throttle;Fuel Pump On/Off
  • Battery Test: Autel Maxisys Ultra EV can cooperate with BT506 to perform Battery Test to ensure that the battery is in good condition. It can connect to MV108/MV105 check darkness of interior.
  • FAC Auto Auth: After logging into AutoAuth account(registered on official website), Ultra EV offers intelligent diagnostic, ECU programming, calibration etc for FCA in/after 2018(for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat).
  • Wifi Print: Wifi Print function allows you to print report via WIFI, you can instant print new energy vehicle high voltage system diagnosis report, offline battery pack diagnosis report with one click.
  • Pre-Scan & Post-Scan: Pre&Post Scan reports help expedite insurance company approval of repair estimates. After all issues are troubleshooted, directly generate total comparison repair report as maintenance evidence.
  • Remote Expert: Remote Expert is a remote car service platform that integrates online experts and customers. It can provide remote troubleshooting consultation and answering which can solve difficulties issues.
  • Key IMMO: IMMO service can disable lost vehicle key and program the replacement key fob for low anti-theft grade Asian cars. IMMO can't support high anti-theft grade cars like for Audi, Benz, BMW.
2023 new added on autel ultra ev

EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit

Autel MaxiSys EV diagnostics upgrade kit can work with Autel MS Ultra, MaxiSys MS919, MS Ultra ADAS,and MS909 to be upgraded to EV diagnostics. It includes EVDiag Box adapters with a carry case to perform in-depth battery pack diagnostics for specific EV vehicles such as for BMW, Tesla, VW, and Audi.

EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit Intro/11th Image

10000+ Wide Vehicle Coverage

10000+ Wide Vehicle Include/12th Image

Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV Specifications

Operating System Android 7.0
Processor Samsung Exynos8895V octa-core Processor (2.3GHz Quad-core Mongoose + 1.7GHz Quad-core A53) 
Memory 4GB RAM & 256GB On-board Memory
Display 12.9 inch TFT-LCD with 2732 x 2048 resolution & capacitive touch screen
  • WiFix2 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2x2 MIMO)

  • BT v.2.1 + EDR

  • GPS

  • USB 2.0 (Two USB HOST Type A, one USB mini device)

  • HDMI 2.0

  • SD Card (Support up to 256GB)

  • Rear: 16 Megapixel, Autofocus with Flashlight

  • Front: 5 Megapixel

Sensors Gravity Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
Audio Input/Output
  • Microphone

  • Dual Speakers

  • 3-Band 3.5 mm stereo/standard headset jack

Power and Battery
  • 18000mAh 3.8 V lithium-polymer battery

  • Charging via 12 V AC/DC power supply with the temperature between 0°C and 45°C

Input Voltage 12V/3A Adapter
Operating Temp. 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 366.5 mm (14.43") x 280.9 mm (11.06") x 34 mm (1.34")
Weight 2.18kg (4.81 lb.)


DoIP, PLC J2497, ISO-15765, SAE-J1939, ISO-14229 UDS, SAE-J2411 Single Wire Can (GMLAN), ISO-11898-2, ISO-11898-3, SAE-J2819 (TP20), TP16, ISO-9141, ISO-14230, SAE-J2610 (Chrysler SCI), UART Echo Byte, SAE-J2809 (Honda Diag-H), SAE-J2740 (GM ALDL), SAE-J1567 (CCD BUS), Ford UBP, Nissan DDL UART with Clock, BMW DS2, BMW DS1, SAE J2819 (VAG KW81), KW82, SAE J1708, SAE-J1850 PWM (Ford SCP), SAE-J1850 VPW (GM Class2) 

Ultra EV Introduction Video

Ultra EV Package List

ultra ev package list

Ultra EV Product guides and documents

Ultra EV User Manual (PDF)
Ultra EV Quick Guide (PDF)


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Customer Reviews

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Shinzo A. (United States)
professional tool

The Ultra EV is an impressive diagnostic tool that has proven to be a valuable addition to our shop. Its ability to diagnose issues on new energy vehicles is unmatched, and we've been able to resolve issues quickly with its help. While it may take some time to learn all of its features, the investment is well worth it.

Ellen P. (United States)
I Love Ultra EV!

I can confidently say that the Autel Ultra EV has been an excellent diagnostic tool. It has helped me troubleshoot and fix several issues with my car, I really love it!

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