Autel KM100 Dodge Charger - How to Program Key Fobs?


How to Program Keys for Dodge Charger 2016 with Autel KM100?

Before entering, please make sure your model year is before 2017. If it's from 2017 onwards, you may need to use the 12+8 Chrysler Adapter.

First, for the preparation work, please ensure you have an Autel KM100, an Autel Universal Key, and the ability to access the interior of the vehicle.

Then, let's start!

First, enter "Universal Key" and input the correct Make, Model, Year based on the vehicle information. For example, Dodge Charger 2016.

Please select the correct "Type By Model". Here, we choose ID46. Then click "Generate Universal Key". (Please wait for a few minutes)

Universal Key Generation is completed and press complete.

Let Move to "IMMO".

Choose the information: North America - 2015-2017 - Yes (Confirm the information)

But we cannot turn the ignition on now, so we just say "ok".

Control Unite

Read Immobilizer Password (CAN)

Ignition swap and Hazards are on.

Then you will get your PIN

Keyless System (CAN)

Learning - Key Learning - Enter Security Code (We just got)

Please press the unlock / lock button (the key) - OK - Learning Successful

Now you can test if the key has been successfully learned.

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