What Does A Key Programmer Do?


car key programmer is a device that can be used to recode the transponder in a mechanical key or key fob. A car’s ignition switch and key. When a key for a modern automobile is replaced, the new unit will often turn the mechanical switch but fail to initialize the system or start the vehicle.

What is car programming for?

Car key programming is an ideal option for those of us who lose or break our car keys. In time-pressed situations, losing or breaking our modern car keys can be an absolute nightmare. Although there are other ways to enter the vehicle, there will be no chance of starting it without your unique key.

That’s where car key programming comes in. Now, it is essential to note that car manufacturers do often offer the opportunity to replace your car keys.

What is involved in car key programming?

By offering a key programming service, you’ll be able to improve your service to customers when their car keys or fobs are lost or damaged, or if the batteries run flat, as well as developing a lucrative revenue stream that will help attract new customers to your garage.

Programming is a complex process that requires specialist technology, such as a key programmer, as well as access to the manufacturer’s unique codes to ensure that the new keys or fob meets the present specifications for the vehicle.

In general, the process of programming keys involved three steps:

  1. The vehicle is assessed to identify the make, model, and year, so that the correct blank keys or fob can be obtained.

  2. Specialist equipment is used to program the key or fob (or transponder chip).

  3. Thorough testing ensures that the new keys work correctly; additional programming may be required to resolve any minor problems.

Licensing requirements

Before a technician can dive into key programming, they must look into procuring a registered locksmith ID (LSID). An LSID is a credential that identifies the technician as a registered vehicle security professional (VSP). As a VSP technicians have secure access to key, immobilizer, and PIN codes through the National Automotive Service Task Force’s Secure Data Release Model. Having this access is essential to resolving an all keys lost situation.

In addition to having an LSID, Putrino cautioned that technicians should be aware there may be specific security requirements put in place by the manufacturer that must be handled before programming a new key.

Recommended Key Programmer Tools

1. Autel IM508

2. Autel IM608

3. Autel IM608Pro

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