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The Autel car scanner is highly regarded as a valuable tool for DIY car mechanics, and it offers great value with its two years of updates. Autel has become a popular choice in the automotive industry, being recognized as a go-to brand for car scanners. This particular scanner is highly appreciated for its functionality and features, making it an awesome tool to have.
Daniel G.
MS919 has total the same functions as Ultra, even though its hardware is a little lower than msultra, but it's fine, bc it saves me more money to buy with MS919. Whats more, this link comes 2 years free update, but the dealer told me that it can only be used in the US, that's worth the price, I don't need to take it to overseas.
Benjamin L.
I work on cars every day for my workshop business and for training students. Over the years, I have used various scanners, but there is currently no scan tool in the market that can match the capabilities of the Ultra EV for electric, hybrid, gas, and diesel vehicles...
Jose B.A.
I connected it to a Holden Commodore and easily identified the fault. The scan tool is user-friendly, allowing me to diagnose and resolve the car issue effectively. Additionally, it provides live data readings and presents the results in a clear and comprehensible...
Kian L.
What a fantastic addition to my toolkit! I was initially hesitant due to the price, but I quickly realized that this scanner is worth every dollar. I've used it for reprogramming keys, adjusting vehicle parameters, and diagnosing fault conditions...
Oliver W.
I love my Autel Scanner! It lets me do tasks that used to require a trip to the dealership. I can now easily reprogram TCUs and diagnose cars that other scanners couldn't read. Should have bought it earlier!
Shaun S.
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