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The Data Log function is buit in every MaxiSys tablet for better customer experience. It records of all Feedback (submitted), Not Feedback (but saved) or History (up to the latest 20 test records) data loggings on the diagnostics system. The support personnel will receive and process the submitted reports through the Support platform. The solution will be sent back within 48 hours. You may continue to correspond with Support until the issue is resolved.

The device used in this function demonstration is the MaxiSys MS908S Pro, which is a powerful intelligent diagnostic tablet covering a variety of models and capable of ECU Programming. Okay, let's get started.

The tablet records its every session and saves its last 20 if during a vehicle diagnostic session, the technician encounters an error, the technician can tap on the data logging icon and either save it or upload it.

A dialog window will display allowing the user to select a corresponding error type or to input further error detail.

The user can tap save or upload the data log to our tells engineers the session will then be reviewed the error verified and a software patch created and sent to the user
This patch will also be available to all users with active subscriptions in the next available update.

if you have exited the session before saving or uploading it locate the session under the history tab of Data Manager.

Tap the session and save or upload it session saved, but not uploaded will be stored under the not feedback tab, and uploaded sessions will be saved under feedback.

A notification icon will display atop the Data Manager app once the engineer support team has replied to your cited error.

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