Autel MD806Pro VS. Autel MD808Pro OBD2 Scanner


Autel MD806Pro vs. MD808 Pro is an important comparison because these are two of the most popular scan tools from Autel.

They have many similarities, but they differ in terms of use, price, and some features. Hence, it is crucial to know the best one. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start by looking at the comparison chart:

Features MD806Pro  MD808Pro
Weight 0.69lb 3.45lb
Dimensions 8.35 x 3.62 x 1.4 inches 13 x 10.5 x 4 inches
Vehicle Compatibility Most OBDII Vehicles Most OBDII Vehicles
Supported Languages 13 3
Record/Playback Data
Print Data
Read and Clear Codes
Freeze Frame
DTC Library
Engine Transmission 
Read TPMS Sensor Data
Reprogram TPMS -
Read TPMS Codes
System Diagnoses All All
Price $209 $249


1. Autel MD806Pro

MD806 pro was released in 2019, it comes as no surprise that it performs an all-system diagnosis and provides all OBD2 functions.

Lightweight And Portable

The moment you picked up the MD806pro, you will realize that it is extremely light compared to the other handheld scanners.

System Diagnoses

The OBD scanner is capable of doing all system diagnosis such as engine, ABS, transmission, SRS, BMS, DPF.

2. Autel MD808Pro

Technically speaking, it’s the same as the MD806pro unit in terms of use and features. But it gets some extra points since it is quicker to update, use, and more reliable. 

Basic And Advanced Functioning

MD808 pro doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to offering the best of what an OBD scanner can provide. Reading and erasing codes, freezing frame data, graph, view, and store and playback live data, reading transmission codes – everything ever needed is available. Yes, if you have a problem figuring out what each code is for, it also displays code definitions.

No doubt, as a car owner you could blindly choose any one and would not regret it. But, there are minor differences that seem to give MD806 pro a definitive edge.

These include the weight, reprogramming TPMS, and the languages supported. If you are into auto repairing, these differences can seem pronounced and you may want to choose one that packs everything into a neat and lightweight scanner tool.

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