DiagMart Black Friday 2021 --- ultimate guide to deals and sales


Ready or not, Black Friday is officially on. With all these discounts and deals from retailers and brands, you may find yourself in a really confusing position where you don’t know how to choose and figure out what are the best deals.

I may not know about deals from the other retailers, but here in diagmart.com, you’re guaranteed to find a great markdown.

Following is a Black Friday guide to find the best deals, helping you locate the most suitable diagnostic tools  without overspending.

Extremely Low Price

If you are a car owner who just look for a very basic scan tool, mainly for reading and erasing DTCs and very basic diagnosis, or turning off the engine light, then ML629 and MD806pro would be the best choices for you. Both of them cost less than $200 with the Black Friday Discount.

Low Price

Now, if you have a limited budget but you really want a diagnostic tablet with full system diagnosis and basic service functions such as Oil Reset, ABS Bleed, EPB Reset, SAS Reset, DPF Regeneration, Battery Registration, Throttle Reset, etc. I believe that MK808BT and DS808 would be great for you. DS808 comes with Bi-directional capability but MK808BT doesn’t. Both of them cost less then $800 with the Black Friday Discount. 

Medium Price

If you are looking for a diagnostic tablet with more advanced services and ECU coding function, you would find Autel MS906BT and Autel MK908 as the best choices. Autel MK908 features with ADAS function for safer driving. Both tablets cost no more than $1600 with the Black Friday Discount. 

A Bit Expensive

When you need diagnostic tablets with 31 + advanced service functions, ECU coding and ECU programming functions, i would recommend the Autel MS Elite II and Autel MS908Spro. The big deal is that you get a free MV 108 endoscope(valued $68) purchasing MS908spro. These two diagnostic scanners are under $2600 with the Black Friday Discount.


Autel Maxisys Ultra is the most expensive diagnostic tools of Autel. It’s expensive for it’s more professional and advanced features, such as intelligent diagnosis, 99% vehicle coverage and 5-in-1 VCI mini. If you own an auto repair shop and you have a decent budget, i would recommend buying it, because it can improves your work efficiency greatly. The Autel Ultra is now 12% off during the Black Friday and you will get a free TS501 TPMS tool purchasing the Ultra.


Truck diagnostic Scanner

If you are a truck driver or commercial vehicle driver, i think Autel MS908CV is perfect for you. It can perform 23 service functions + 25 Adaptation Functions, ECU Coding and full system diagnosis. You will get a free MV108 endoscope purchasing the MS908CV during the BF sale.

Key Programmer

For immobilizer and key programmer, you got 3 options: Autel IM508, Autel IM608 and Autel IM608 pro. IM508 comes with XP200 programmer while IM608 has the XP400, which means more advanced IMMO and key programming function. Also, IM608 features the ECU coding function, but IM508 does not. IM608PRO comes with the most advanced key programming function for it is equipped with XP400 pro Key Programmer, otherwise, it has the exactly same functions as IM608. That’s why we recommend the combination of IM608+XP400pro which has the exact same function as IM608pro but cost less than $300. This hot combination is the bestseller among key programmers, more than 100 units sold every month in diagmart.com online store.


The MS906TS is a perfect combination of tpms tool and diagnostic scanner, which is able to perform 30+ services and ECU coding function besides the advanced TPMS function. However, it needs to work with tire pressure sensors. Good news is that during the Black Friday Sale, if you order an Autel MS906TS, you will get 4 pcs 2-in-1 sensor(valued $102). Go get it!


Diagmart.com is an Autel Authorized Distributor. All products sold in our store are 100% Authentic. 

We offers 30-days money back guarantte and free return shipping for returns caused by both both quality problem and non quality problem. You order it and we will handle the rest.

We offer free shipping to US/ CA orders, tax free. Orders will be shipped out in 3 hours after the payment, and it may take 3 to 7 days to deliver.

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