Autel AL519: Cheap OBDII Code Reader for Beginners and DIYers


Visiting the mechanic when the check engine light comes on can prove to be costly. Instead of dishing out a lot of cash for such services,you can buy a quality code reader toolto perform the tests and diagnose the error codes by yourself.Most of the time, people spend money and waste time going to the mechanic when they can save cash and time. There are small issues such as the check engine light, which can be tackled by you. Simply get this Autel al519 code reader to read/erase the error codes. Read this Autel AL519 review to know more about this code reader tool.


ProdeuctS Autel AL519
One Touch I/M Readiness
Read and Erase OBD2 DTC'S
Data Stream
Freeze Frame
Vehicle Information
Record Data
Trouble Code Tips
O2 Monitor Test
On-Board Monitor Test
Print Data Via PC
Data Stream Storage and Playback
Vehicle Control System or Componets

Features and Benefits

  1. The code reader tool is able to retrieve generic codes, manufacturer specific codes, and pending codes on vehicles such as VIN, CIN, and CVN.

  2. The code reader is lightweight, compact, and portable for easy carry. It comes with a carrying case, a USB cable, a CD, OBD2 cable, and a user’s manual.

  3. It has I/M readiness feature that enables users to perform quick checks on their drive cycle and emission readiness.

  4. The DTC definitions and menu are written in three different languages, which are French, English, and Spanish.

  5. The code reader tool can turn the check engine light, clear codes, and reset monitors

  6. It has bright color LEDs and a built-in speaker that offer both visual and audible tone for readiness verification.

  7. It comes with a patented one-click readiness key for quick state emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification.

  8. The Autel Al519 also reads, stores, and playbacks live sensor data. In addition, it views freeze frame data.

  9. It quickly determines the cause of the check engine light and helps the user to erase the trouble codes.

  10. The code reader tool system is internet updatable. Furthermore, you are able to print all codes and retrieved information using your PC.

  11. The code reader has software that enables you to capture screenshots for reviewing or checking issues with your PC. Actually, the code reader is compatible with windows.


Why Buy Autel al519 Autolink?

During my short use, I have realized that the tool has some of the following points of consideration. Let me give you some tips in the below review:

Despite the numerous benefits that most of the users of this OBD 2machine enumerated on the several stores where I shopped, some of the notable strengthsI have seen include the following:


Autel AL519 thrives on simplicity. As I noticed, the process of using this tool was straightforward. For instance, I found the various code translationsquite helpful as I was able to understand quickly.

There are several other enabling areas like the screen and the buttons that make the tool work seamlessly.


It reduced my car repair costs. While initially, the primary code reader that I had could not help me do the simple repairs on my own, this one did.

For instance, with the tool, I can read, update and even erasethe data codes on the screen to enable further reading. At one point, all these forced me to visit mechanics, something which is now out of the way.

With it I can easily navigate keypads, my fault codereading and repair has been relatively easy in the past few months. What’s more, I have come to fall in love with the comprehensive user manualthat allows for quick setup and use.


This code reader tool has both manufacturer-specificand generic codes. I have even loved this fact as it helps me repair various faults in different cars I have. Added to the fact that this tool requires only plugging, you can move it quickly without any trouble.


I like the design of the code reader. The fact that the code reader tool is in a compact formwith additional accessories like a nylon case for protection USB and cable, I could move it without fear of breaking if it fell.

Bonus: Autel AL539B: Full OBDII code reader with Battery Tester Review


It comes at an incredible price. When I purchased the tool, I was skeptical of its capacity as others had cost the same and given me a hell of problems. I was surprised how this tool delivered on its promise as advertised.


The OBD 2 tool hasa battery for backup. While in some instances, I saw users praising other instruments that relied on engine power, the fact that it has a backup battery made it work even when the engine was switched off.


AL519 is affordable, portable, and lightweight. Also, it is compact in design and has an easy to use interface. With its wide vehicle coverage, you can use it on different cars at home or for work. Autel as a brand has a great reputation and offers clients with a warranty.

Look no further than the Autel al519 obdii code reader as you will get more than what you pay for. Many code reader tools fail to deliver as they are not very accurate. But this is not the case with the Autel obdii code readers. So, if you want a reliable obdii code reader tool, the Autel al519 is a wonderful choice. I have explained everything that you need to know in this Autel AL519 review article.


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