All Autel Product Software update Instructions


Software update InstructionsSuitable for Autel Maxisys

Pro MS908P, Autel DS708, Autel TS501, Autel TS601, , AL609, AL619, VAG505,MOT PRO, MaxiDiag Elite, MaxiCheck.....

Autel Tools FAQ1.

1.Update Software and serial number:

1).Update and Registration

all Autel scanners with SD card need to register on Autel official site, and download software program via the machine or connect PC Suite to Autel server, the software program is bound with the serial number.copy the software from other machines is not allowed, nor the sD card is not allowed to mix-use.otherwise it will lead to authorization issue or wifi mac mismatch

2).The related Autel scanner tools include:

DS708, Maxisys, Maxisys mini, Maxisys Pro, Maxisys Elite, TS501, TS601.MD701, MD702.MD703.MD704MD802.MOT PRO(EU908), AL609, AL609EU.AL609.AL619EU.VAG505.OLS301, EBS301, MaxiCheckAbsSrs, MaxiCheck DPF, MaxiCheck EPB, MaxiCheck Oil Reset, Maxicheck SAS, Maxicheck TPMS,Maxicheck Pro.

3).Update FAO: There are two solution when the software free update period expires, and accordingly software not workA.Please copy the original software stored in the SD card, and back up to a computer or other storage devices, when vou need it, iust copy the software into SD card and directly use it.B.If no backup, please pay for one-year update, and then download this update software and other software including all software update within one vear

2.SD card has problem, what to do?

1).Problem: SD card get damaged or lost accidently, and cause the machine prompt "SD card is damaged" or "Please insert sD card" when boot.

Solution: buy new SD card, download software via PC Suit to update.If free update period expires, copy the old software into the SD card;if no back up, please pay for update.Notes:

1).Do not casually pull and plug sD card when machine's easy to damage machine.

2).If SD card lost without registration via the serial number, please contact our technical support for the registration code, then complete the registration and update.

3).If you still get message "SD card not insert" after changing another sD card, then you may get SD car slot damaged, please return to us for repair.

3.MaxiSys MS908P Update Update steps:

1).Maxisys series: click Maxisys-Update, choose the software you want to download 2).DS708: follow "How to update DS708.pdf"

3).Other Autel scan tools which can register: follow "Software update instruction.pdf"

4).Autel scan tools which no need register.

Model: AL301, AL319, AL419, AL439, AL439B, TS101, TS401, AL519, AL539, AL539B, MV208, MV400.


Open CD and install the application eg.Maxilinkll I nto the PC, browse, download the corresponding update application, run maxilink Il, and choose the well-done update application to update.For detailed operation procedure, please refer to the user manual.

4.Following Autel models stop production:

MS301, MS310, MS409, MS509, VAG405, IP701, EU702, US703, MD801, Maxi Recorder, Maxi Tester, TS301, EST201, GS500, Oil Reset Tool.

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