Autel AP200C VS AP200, Which is better?


Are you looking for the best Autel scanner? Comparing the Autel AP200C vs AP200 , you’ll find all 2 offer convenient wireless OBD2 diagnosis, with accurate data and a user-friendly software interface.

As a result, any of these diagnostic scanners will save you money in the long run and give you an easy way to keep up with your vehicle’s health and maintenance. 

So what’s the difference between them? Ultimately, it comes down to which systems you want to diagnose and repair. Let’s break down their functions side by side so you can see what we mean. 

AP200C and AP200 Comparison Chart

According to above chart, we can easily found that both of AP200 and AP200C is a small box for easy carry. They are Bluetooth & Smartphone Scan tool. They can work with Android and IOS. Support multi-language, like English, traditional Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian.

Autel MaxiAP AP200 is specific designed to fit DIYer who have only 1-2 the same make vehicles and want a DIY tool for OBD2 diagnostic and basic services. It's a kind of comprehensive tool. When you purchase a AP200, it comes with One Make software only. If you want to coverage more vehicles, you need to purchase other makes or models in APP.

Oppositely, Autel AP200C is more advanced in Car maintenance services than OBDII diagnostic. Because it supports diagnostic of ABS and SRS systems only. When you purchase a AP200C, the ABS & ABS systems for all makes is free for download first year. Renew system subscription after a year, additional service available with in-app purchase.

Besides, AP200C is designed as a professional service tool. It easily perform the most common maintenance services. Service Menu Includes: Oil / Throttle / DPF / EPB / SAS / BMS / Airbag resets and ABS bleed for all vehicle makes & models. It's service functions is advanced and software update level is priority.

So if you are a repair shop or DIY-er who focus on maintenance services, this AP200C is more suitable for you.

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