What Are Car Coding? What Is It For?


Car coding is a relatively new thing in the automotive world, and it implies software modifications to a vehicle to allow the use of functions not available in the car when it left the factory for different reasons, mainly local regulations. Coding does not imply changing the software! It only changes existing parameters already present in various modules.

A car is a complex machine with many functions that are controlled by a computer. Today, cars are equipped with assistance systems, hands-free options, and other smart services. However, not all of these embedded functions are enabled (or activated) by the manufacturer.

What can car coding bring for vehicles?

Most vehicles have market-specific settings for their features. Furthermore, most vehicles have limitations and other restrictions. With the help of coding by professional car coding tools, a user can change the chimes on their car, set how many times its one-touch signal flickers for one touch, remember settings for Start/Stop systems, and more. Coders can also activate cornering headlights with fog lights, deactivate some buzzing sounds, and enable multiple functions of the comfort module. 

Other possibilities involve lowering the level of the passenger-side mirror when reversing, activate the “needle sweep” function when the ignition is on (only for some Volkswagen AG models), automatic door locking at a particular speed, U.S.-style daytime running lights, the auto-hold function for vehicles with electrically operated parking brake, and others.

Recommended Products

1. Autel Maxisys MS906 Pro

MS906 Pro wireless automotive diagnostic scanner enables technicians and home mechanics to access and diagnose all available vehicle modules remotely at OE-level with the best possible coverage.

With ECU coding, complete capability for codes and a series of most commonly used service and special functions, the MS906 Pro automotive scanner tool covers everyday tasks of automotive repair and DIY, including Key Coding & Programming, Functional tests/Active tests/Bi-Directional Control, ABS brake bleeding, Oil Rest, SAS calibration, DPF Regeneration, Battery Registration, Reset brake pads after replacement, adaptations and etc.

2. Autel Maxisys MS908S Pro II

As one of the most advanced scan tools in the Autel MaxiSys family, Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro II scan tool is equipped with a powerful processor and 128GB internal memory for better performance. It operates on Android OS, which is not only fast but allows the user to multitask and manage many applications at the same time. 

With the MaxiFlash Elite VCI(J-2534 programmer), the Autel ms908s pro ii is capable of performing ECU programming on Benz and BWM; a great scan tool for professional technicians, mechanics, and large Auto repair shops.

3. Autel Maxisys Elite II Pro

MaxiSys Elite II Pro diagnostic tablet has featured ECU coding function for 99% vehicles that empowers you to program the blank ECUs, match the components, reflash the second-hand ECUs, flash the hidden functions. And the MaxiSys Elite II Pro automotive scanner is also capable of performing ECU programming on BENZ and BMW.

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