Autel Maxisys Elite II Pro Diagnostic Scanner Review - Upgrade of Elite/ Elite II


What's new in Elite II Pro Compared to Elite II?

  • More Advanced Configurations: Android 10.0 instead of Android 7.0, Support SD Card, Come with MaxiFlash VCI
  • More Powerful Software Performance: Support DoIP/CAN FD
autel maxisys elite ii pro

Why is Elite II Pro so Powerful?

Advanced Hardware

Built on Autel Elite, sharing same hardware with MS909 scanner, designed with Octa-core Processor, 4GB+128GB Super Memory, Android 11.0 OS, 16MP Cameras, MaxiSys Elite II Pro strives to provide superior operating experience. In addition, to extend service, Elite II Pro diagnostic pad loads battery tester Autel BT506, videoscope Autel MV105/108S. You can extra purchase if needed. No ADAS support.

About ECU Programming & Coding

Advanced ECU Programming for Benz & BMW

Specially for Benz:

  • Post-Programming Processing Functions
  • Programming Restoration
  • Synchronization Coding Function
  • Transmission Calibration Data Backup & Restoration
  • Implicit Coding: Current Value & Target Value
  • SCN Coding Based on Big Data

Specially for BMW:

  • Entertainment System HTTP Programming
  • High Voltage System Programming
  • Personalized Data Backup
  • Programming History
  • Automatic Calculation Programming

ECU Coding for Exploring More Possibility on your Vehicle

Change replaced model and code into vehicle ECU modules via modify custom parameter value.

  • Online / Offline ECU Coding
  • Component Matching
  • Refresh Hidden Functions
  • Disable Annoying Features
  • Programmed Module Installation
  • Enhance Vehicle Performance

AutoScan 2.0 Instant Scanning

Entering the instant stage comprehensively, adopting the latest technology, AutoScan 2.0 significantly improves the speed of automatic scanning for models including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia, Honda, Renault, PSA, and more, leading competitors by an average of over three times.

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