How to Program a Key Fob?


Step-by-Step Guide for Reprogramming a Car Key Fob with Autel IM608S II

  1. Case Scenario: Let's consider a scenario where a user has a 2018 Honda Accord and needs to reprogram a spare key fob.
  2. Connect Device: The user first connects the Autel IM608S II diagnostic and programming tool to the OBD-II port of the 2018 Honda Accord. The device is powered on and the vehicle's information is selected on the screen.
  3. Select Programming Function: Within the device menu, the user selects the key fob programming function specific to Honda vehicles.
  4. Enter Programming Mode: Following the device's prompts, the user enters the programming mode for key fobs. This may involve turning the ignition key to specific positions or pressing certain buttons in a sequence.
  5. Programming Key Fob: The user then follows the on-screen instructions to program the spare key fob. This typically includes pressing buttons on the key fob and confirming actions on the device.
  6. Verification: Once the programming is complete, the user tests the newly programmed key fob to ensure it locks and unlocks the vehicle as intended.
  7. Additional Key Fobs: If the user has more key fobs to program, they repeat the process for each additional fob following steps 4 to 6.
  8. Completion and Testing: After programming all necessary key fobs, the user exits the programming mode and disconnects the Autel IM608S II. They test each key fob to confirm proper functionality.

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