Autel KM100 Vehicle List - Audi Compatibility Check


Autel MaxiIM KM100

The Autel KM100 is an advanced key programming tool specifically designed for Audi vehicles. With its comprehensive car list, it supports a wide range of Audi models, including the popular Audi A4.

Help :

● All support OBD method
○ Part of the models support OBD method
■ All support on-bench/boot method
◻ Part of the models support on-bench/boot method
△  Not Supported
Not Required

Vehicle Model Year System Add key All keys lost Read password Remote learning IMMO part replacement
A4 2001-2006 IMMO3 INS
A4 2004-2008 IMMO4 RB8 INS
Q3 2012-2019 IMMO4 CAN INS
TT 2007-2015 IMMO4 CAN INS
TT 1999-2007 IMMO3 INS
A1 2011-2019 IMMO4 CAN INS
A3 1997-2003 IMMO3 INS
A3 2004-2013/05 IMMO4 CAN INS
A6 1998-2006 IMMO3 INS
A8 1997-2003 IMMO3 INS
R8 2006-2016 IMMO4 CAN INS

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