Comarison Between Autel MK908 and Autel MS908Spro, which is right for you?


What’s the difference between Autel MaxiCOM MK908P and MaxiSys MS908S pro? All both of them are the professional diagnostic scanner but comes with different prices, so which one is better?

Though different in prices, they have a total same diagnostic function. The main reason for the difference price is they have different hardware.

Below are details of MK908P vs MaxiSys MS908SP:

Compare from Hardware, Software and Price:

Maxicom MK908P VS Maxisys MS908S Pro on Hardware

Maxicom MK908P VS Maxisys MS908S Pro

Comparison chart of MS908SP and MK908P in Hardware

Difference between MS908SP and Maxisys Elite on Hardware:

  • Display: MK908P diagnostic scanner features 101.1 inches LED screen with 1920*1200 resolutions that provide a better user experience than MS908P’s 9.7 inches screen with 1024*768 resolutions.
  • Battery Capacity: For a tablet diagnostic tool that is equipped with a built-in battery, the battery life greatly affects the integrity of the diagnosis and the user experience. Compared to the MS908SP, the MK908P extends the usage time by increasing battery capacity by 4000mAh.

Maxicom MK908P VS Maxisys MS908S Pro on Sofware

Maxicom MK908P VS Maxisys MS908S Pro

Comparison chart of MS908SP and MK908P in Software

Difference between MS908SP and MK908p on Software:

When it comes to functions, these two scanners offer the total same functions such as ECU coding and programming, data logging, extensive OE-level diagnoses and service, smart Auto-VIN technology, tire pressure reset, SAS reset, and many other basic full OBD2 full functions, special, and advanced functions.

Maxicom MK908P VS Maxisys MS908S Pro on Price

Maxicom MK908P VS Maxisys MS908S Pro

Usually in the market, Autel Maxisys MS908S pro sale $2399 and MK908P sale $2499

If you have enough budget and want a faster scanner powerful battery then you can choose MK908P. If you have a limited budget and looking for a high-quality and professional diagnostic system, MS908S Pro is better for you.

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