Clearance Sale Guide --- Don't Miss The Deal!


We are having a clearance sale! Check out the what items are in the list.

1. Autel MaxiDAS DS808K

Original price: $799; Sale price: $719

Autel MAxiDAS DS808K is a professional automotive scan tool that comes with full system diagnosis, 22+ maintenance services and a bidirectional control function, proving comprehensive solutions to technicians and home mechanics. 

The car diagnostic scanner can work with all OBD2-Compliant vehicles through the 16-PIN DLC connector and performs all 10 modes of OBD2 tests. The diagnostic computer tablet features unmatched vehicle coverage of more than 80 American, Asian and European vehicle makes.

2. Autel MaxiTPMS TS608K

Original price: $799; Sale price: $709

Autel TS608K is an upgraded version of MK808TS and MP808TS. As the whole new flagship TPMS Service & Diagnostic tool designed for workshops, TS608K comes with complete TPMS functions to activate & relearn all TPMS sensors(both OEM and aftermarket), program Autel MX-Sensors, view sensor data, pull TPMS codes & live data, reset TPMS lights, TPMS Toolkit, etc.

3. Autel MaxiDiag MD808pro 

Original price: $249; Sale price: $269

The MaxiDIAG MD808 Pro is built to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level. Loaded with oil service reset, battery registration and reset, parking brake pad relearn after replacement, steering angle sensor relearn and diesel particulate filter regeneration functions, MD808 Pro can access ALL available modules for the best diagnosis operations. With all that enclosed in a 4-inch hand-held device, there is no better multifunctional scan tool on the market.

4. Autel MaxiLink ML519

Original price: $89; Sale price: $69

Autel MaxiLink ML519 OBDII scanner supports all 10 modes of OBD II testing for complete vehicle diagnostic scan. Such as read & clear codes, retrieving vehicle information(VIN, CIN and CVN), turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), view live data, perform O2 monitor test, On-Board Monitor Test......

5. Autel MaxiBAS BT608

Original price: $449; Sale price: $499

Autel MaxiBAS BT608 is a touchscreen Battery & Electrical System analyzer that applies Adaptive Conductance, an advanced battery analysis method that produces a more accurate examination of the battery’s cold cranking ability and reserve capacity, vital to determining a battery’s true health. The BT608 can display a quick health status of the existing battery, register a new battery and perform advanced battery and electrical system diagnostics. The BT608’s VINscan function enables quick identification of the vehicle and battery specifications. Read/Clear codes on all available vehicles systems. Print or share customized reports via Wi-Fi or print test reports via the built-in thermal printer.

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