Auto Repair Industry Trends 2022


What's the future of auto repair industry? New technology-driven trends are poised to disrupt and transform the automotive and auto repair industry outlook for 2022 and beyond. Auto repair shops that want to ensure they will survive these disruptive trends and thrive in 2022 and the future must begin to take steps now to prepare their shops and their staff for a future that will be dramatically different because new and transformative trends will drive it. 

Digitization & Advancing Technology

The auto repair industry has struggled to keep up with the advancing technology of modern automobiles. Auto shops must upgrade their technology in order to provide service and maintenance for automated, digitized, and electric automobiles. 

So what can you do? Make sure your auto techs are trained in telematics and your shop has advanced auto repair tools. If your customers know you can handle their technologically advanced car and have the right parts available to do the repairs, they’ll keep coming to you. This includes not only telematics, but also the car’s connectivity, sophisticated computer, electrical, and mechanical systems. 

You need your customers to be confident that your repair shop has trained technicians who know how to use the technology required to properly repair today’s advanced vehicles. If not, they’ll go somewhere else. Plain and simple. 

Shortage of Techs

Another trend the auto repair industry faces is the retirement of millions of shop techs. The concern is there are not properly enough trained automobile technicians to fill those millions of jobs now available. The Auto Care Association’s newly created job board is part of their proactive approach to addressing the auto repair tech shortage they will face in 2022 and ongoing. They are working with universities to teach STEM courses to aspiring automotive technicians and automobile manufacturers to fill the job creation pipeline with millions of well-prepared automotive technicians.

What improvement you should do?

Invest In E-Tailing 

One of the biggest trends gaining more and more momentum is e-tailing. For those companies selling parts, purchasing online is highly appealing to many consumers today. While many companies sell stock at brick-and-mortar locations, e-commerce sales are on the rise.

For the DIY segment, price, ease of purchase/convenience, and home delivery are the top three reasons for consumers to purchase an aftermarket product online. To appeal to this segment, target consumers with special coupons and offers and be sure your site is optimized for an easy online shopping and check-out experience. Providing a good online customer experience to this segment will encourage repeat purchases and continued brand loyalty.

Make Good Use Of Website

One of the first places a consumer will head to search for parts, distributors, and auto services is online. You need to make sure you are found online with a robust digital presence. Your website should be at the center of digital experience for your customers and prospects with the majority of your digital content driving traffic to your website.
Email content, videos, and social posts are all high drivers of website traffic. Website landing pages are still one of the top ways prospects provide information or show interest in your products and services. So be sure to continually optimize your website with fresh content and continually share to third-party sites.

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