Our Story - Written by Diagmart for Customers


Since its establishment, Diagmart has been with you for four years. During these four years, we have been dedicated to serving our customers and striving to fulfill every order to the best of our ability. Throughout this journey, we have encountered various challenges and obstacles. However, we have persevered and overcome them, and we are still here today. We believe that in the future, Diagmart will continue to provide better services to you.

Regarding shipping - Diagmart is an authorized agent dealer of Autel, with access to the technical support and warranty services provided by Autel. We have two large warehouses located in California and New York, which allows us to deliver the devices to your address as quickly as possible. Customers within the United States can enjoy tax-free and free shipping services, with delivery that can be completed within three days. Although there are some additional consumption taxes for customers in Canada, we still offer a discount when you place your order to express our gratitude for your trust in us. For our customers in other countries and regions, although it is rare, we appreciate your tremendous trust and willingness to pay additional shipping and tax fees just to shop with us. Diagmart has come this far thanks to your continued support and trust.

Regarding returns and exchanges - Diagmart upholds the philosophy of allowing returns and exchanges within 30 days from the date of delivered, providing maximum protection for consumers' rights and interests. After receiving your order, please carefully examine the device for any damages. If any problems arise, please contact us promptly, and we will provide you with a return or exchange service according to your wishes. If the device itself is the problem, we can provide you with a shipping label. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we also accept returns and refunds within 30 days without any reasons. However, please note that you will have to bear the cost of shipping. We appreciate your kind understanding.

I still clearly remember one time when our product was out of stock, but the upgraded version sent from the warehouse was missing a few accessories. After the customer received the product and reported the issue to us, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Guided by the principles of friendly cooperation, we consulted with the customer and resolved the issue, and we appreciate their kind understanding. During this process, we may encounter various unexpected issues or emergencies, but we will try our best to resolve them by communicating with you, hoping to resolve any issues amicably. After all, we hope that you can complete your shopping happily and smoothly, without any problems. This is what we most desire.

Regarding You - I really enjoy the process of communicating with all of you, but I understand that most people may be busy and do not have much time to communicate with us online. Therefore, this is why I am writing this article, hoping that everyone can take the time to read it and get to know us better. People who come to our store are all sorts of individuals, from car enthusiasts and experienced auto repair technicians with over 30 years of experience to shop owners running their own auto repair shop in a small town, as well as apprentices in the field of auto repair. I know that you come here to buy the equipment that best suits your needs. At Diagmart, we are committed to providing you with the best prices and you can contact us at any time. We will apply for the best price for you promptly to achieve a good cooperation.

Some customers may complain about why Autel's equipment needs to be updated every year and why the annual update fee is not low. In my many years of observation, Autel's development engineers are very strong. They develop practical products with a focus on customer experience, which is why Autel continues to be so successful today. As for the cost of updates, Autel invests heavily in research and development every year, constantly maintaining and developing new products, keeping up with the times, and meeting the needs of most car enthusiasts. Compared with other brands, some of which may have free software updates for 2-3 years, Autel has high update frequency and fast release speed, which is actually more cost-effective. If we have already entered the era of diagnostic tools and you have been working in the auto repair industry for many years, but have not used diagnostic tools for many years, then you really need one urgently. It can improve your efficiency and create higher profits for you. Alternatively, if your father loves repairing cars but struggles with repairs, you can buy one for him, and I believe he will be very happy. There are also car enthusiasts with excellent DIY skills who can save a lot of repair costs and have high efficiency with diagnostic tools.

We are not afraid of problems, but we are afraid that we cannot help you solve them.

To be continued...

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