Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200 - A Handy Tire Tread Depth & Brake Disc Wear Examiner


The MaxiTPMS TBE200 is a laser-enabled tire tread depth & brake disc wear examiner that provides users with quick and accurate wear measurements. Measure brake disc wear without having to remove tires. It features a 1.65” AMOLED super retina touchscreen, displaying measurement data curves in real-time. TBE200 provides uneven wear analysis and detailed replacement & maintenance suggestions for quick tire service. The TBE200 dual cameras enable users to document tire wear and damage and scan Tire Identification Number (TIN). Use the tool separately, or with ITS600 to view and print detailed TPMS reports.

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E TPMS Functions

  1. Real-time measurement data on touchscreen
  2. Measurement data curve display
  3. Uneven wear analysis
  4. Test detail for single tire tread/brake disc
  5. Detailed replacement & maintenance suggestions (tire/brake disc replacement, tire rotation/alignment servicing)
  6. Scan DOT, tire expiration notice, tire recall lookup
  7. Take photos of tire wear & damage

Tire Tread Depth & Brake Disc Wear Meet Your Needs

1. Tire Tread Depth:

Using laser technology, the Tire Tread application analyzes the wear of the tires on vehicles with no need to remove the tires. Place the tool on the tire, and the tool projects a laser beam. The wear measurement is then sent to the display screen with an accuracy within 0.1mm. Measurements are also displayed graphically. The Tire Tread application provides two types of checks: “All Treads” and “Single.” When using this application, a message will display prompting the user to choose between the current mode and the alternative one.

2. Brake Disc Check:

The MaxiTPMS TBE200 laser-enabled tool examines brake disc wear quickly and accurately. You can examine the wear status of a brake disc without the need to remove tires. Measurements are displayed graphically. The Brake Disc function not only provides brake disc wear measurements but also offers analysis to ensure driving safety.


1. Laser Measurement – Make Sure Quick and Accurate Tests

With laser technology, the tire tread application analyzes the wear of the tires on vehicles with no need to remove the tires. Place the tool on the tire, it will project a laser beam, and display real-time data.

  • Improve Convenience:

Unlike other tire & disc examiners, which need to dismantle the tire before the test, or use the tool to test over different parts of the tire several times to get a result, the laser measurement technology enables the TPMS tool TBE200E to test the tire and disc without removing the tires and do uneven analyses.

  •  Increase Accuracy:

The wear measurement tool Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E will measure the tire depth and disc and then send the results to the display screen with an accuracy within 0.1mm, providing technicians or DIYers with the maximum precise test results. Measurements are also displayed graphically for a quick and clear results analysis.

  • Raise Efficiency:

Your MaxiTPMS TBE200E laser-enabled tool examines brake disc wear and tire depth both quickly and accurately. Once the laser beam is shot out, the TPMS tool will measure the tire status immediately and show the real-time data to the screen.

2. Tire Status Analysis– Get Comprehensive Tire Depth & Disc Measurement Results

Real-Time Measurement Data Display

Uneven Wear Analysis

Single or All Tire Tread/ Brake disc

Replacement & Maintenance Suggestions

3. Extended Tire Services - Ease Your TPMS Repair Work

DOT Scan

Tire Expiration Notice and Tire Recall Lookup

Take Photos of Tire Wear & Damage

Data Query And Printing

The Data Query function stores the results of the latest measurement session. After the tool is connected with the ITS600/ITS600 Pro tablet, the measurements of the previous session will display on the tablet screen automatically. Once a new measuring session starts, the previous test results will be replaced by new results.

You can also print the test report by connecting the TB200E to ITS600.

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