Autel Maxicom MK906pro OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner


Upgraded from MS906BT/MK906BT, the MK906 Pro scanner has a qualitative breakthrough in hardware, featuring the newest processor Qualcomm 660 with a newer operation system(Android 10.0), enhanced wireless VCI (V200), dual memory(4GB RAM&128GB ROM), clearer resolution(1920x1200),16MP dual camera, etc, making it work faster and compatible with more vehicles, integrating rich functions: professional TPMS functions, ECU Coding, Active Test, All Systems Diagnostic, 36+ services, 10+ high-end features, FCA AutoAuth gateway access, etc.

Why choose Autel MK906 Pro?

1. Advanced ECU Coding: change pre-programmed options already existent in the vehicle’s software.

2. OE-level All System Diagnostic: scan all electrical vehicle systems and troubleshoot faults codes.

3.36+ Maintenance Services: integrates 36+ services, meeting 99% of maintenance needs, such as Oil, EPB, SAS, DPF, BMS, ABS Bleed, Injector, IMMO, etc.

4. Bi-directional Control/Active Test: performs real active tests that can send commands to the vehicle’s ECU to drive the actuators to work.

5. VAG Guided Function: provides OE-level guidance and allows you just follow the screen instructions step by step to complete some complex operations.

6. Refresh Hidden Features: activate the hidden features already programmed to the car computers to get high-end functions and improve car performance.

7. Expanded Function: Compatible with MV108/MV05 inspection camera, MP408 oscilloscope, BT506 Battery Tester, etc. (Additional Purchase)

8. High-end Hardware: Powerful processor Qualcomm 660 with Android 10.0 OS, 128GB memory, 8-inch touchscreen with 1920x1200 resolution, 16MP dual camera, etc.

9.2022 New Features: FCA AutoAuth Access; enhanced wireless VCI (V200); new diagnostic protocol(CAN-FD&DoIP); WiFi Printing; Cloud Report Management; Pre/Post Scan Report; Scan VIN& Scan Licence...

10. Extensive Vehicle Coverage: covering 80+ American, Asian and European vehicle makes and models up to 10,000+ cars

11. One-Year Free Software Update: provides 1-year free online software update to get the latest official optimization for auto system and software.

12.No IP Restriction & Multilanguage Menu: as a global model, it has no IP restriction and supports 13 languages.

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