Autel Maxisys Ultra Review --- What's New In It?


2022 Autel Maxisys Ultra is the Upgraded Version of Maxisys MS908P and Maxisys Elite/MS909/MS919,This Scan Tool Kit with 5-in-1 VCMI Topology Map 36+ Services, the most intelligent diagnostic tool, featuring a 12.9'' touchscreen 7.0 Android-based tablet with Octa-core processor, a testing tool providing wireless vehicle communications between the vehicle and tablet and supporting the latest DoIP, D-PDU, and Mega CAN. It supports ECU Programming and Coding, NO IP limitation.

What's new in Autel msultra? Read the following Autel maxisys ultra review and you will find out.

One Stop Solution --- Intelligent Diagnosis

The Maxisys Ultra being the most advanced scan tool doesn’t mean car enthusiasts can’t enjoy Autel MaxiSys Ultra’s juicy feature collection. If you’re fairly familiar with scan tools, you can use this one just as easily. Even if you aren’t, the scanner is equipped with more than enough instructions to get you started.

With one-stop Intelligent Diagnostics, Autel Scanner MaxiSys Ultra provides technicians and home mechanics with step-by-step repair guidance. It offers multiple repair guidance options: Technical Service Bulletin, DTC Analysis, Repair Assist, Repair Tips, Component Measurement, and Relevant Cases, making your work easier than ever.

  • Vehicle System and Detected DTC(s)– displays the name of the vehicle system(s) and the detected DTC(s)
  • Technical Service Bulletin contains DTC-related recalls, TSB, and OEM campaigns.
  • DTC Analysis– provides repair assistance information related to the fault code.
  • Repair Assist – intelligently prioritizes DTCs and leads the user to the proper repair.
  • Component Measurement– provides detailed information and instructional guides on using the oscilloscope to test components for faults.
  • Relevant Cases– offers relevant fault-clearing cases for reference.
  • Sput Screen Display–View Multiple Functions AT Once
  • Repair Tips–Intelligent guide

Autel Maxiflash VCMI

The advanced 5-in-1 Autel MaxiFlash VCMI combines the functions of VCI, oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and OBD2 CAN Bus Check, helping MaxiSys Ultra realize multiple functions of diagnostics, detection, signal simulation, etc. Meantime, it’s a D-PDU, SAE J2534 & RP1210 compliant PassThru programming interface, capable of connecting with OEM diagnostic tools to diagnose and program more passenger and commercial vehicles, such as Volvo, VW, Benz, etc.

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What Can Autel Maxisys Ultra Do For You?

 30+ Hot Maitenace Function For Various Needs

  • 26 Commonly Used Reset Functions for Fast Maintenance or Repairs:

Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, ABS Bleed, TPMS, Airbag Reset, DPF Reg., IMMO Service, Injector Coding, SAS Calibration, Suspension Calibration, Throttle Adaption, ABS/SRS, Gear Learning, Sunroof Initialization, Seats Calibration, Language Change, Headlight Matching, A/F Setting, WIN DR Roof, Odometer, CHG Tire Size, Cylinder, Turbocharging, Limit, Trans Adaption.

  • 10+ Advanced Functions for Different Vehicle Models:

Neutral Gear Position Learning, Torque Sensor Adjustment, Signal Check, Yaw Rate Sensor (YRS) Learn, Clutch Pedal Position Learn, Cylinder Power Balance, Component Matching, Stop/Start Reset, Transport Mode, Auto-Door Lock, etc.

Autel Maxisys Ultra Advanced ECU Programming & Coding  

The need to perform programming & coding services is now more relevant in the aftermarket than ever. There are more and more instances where programming/coding is necessary, e.g., replacing a module, replacing the existing software or firmware in the ECUs, fixing software-controlled drivability issues and emission issues, etc.

Autel Ultra comes with both ECU programming and ECU coding function, so it will definitely fit for purpose if you run a professional repair shop.

10+ Highly Advanced Features

  • Bi-Directional Control (Active Test)

Accurately figure out whether a specific system, component, or a subsystem in vehicles goes well and locate the problem by interactively operating and testing the vehicle’s related actuators; Compatible with most vehicle models on the market.

  • Modifications

To improve car performance and enhance your experience as a driver or owner, you can change or add the functions by changing or adding certain modules that haven’t already in your vehicle, such as adding a satellite navigation system, courtesy lamps, car phone, parking sensors, atmosphere lights, etc.;Compatible with Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, etc.

  • Guided Functions

Come with the on-screen instructions to guide you on how to complete some complicated functions step by step; Compatible with Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, etc.

  • Personalization

Customize your car as you want. Help you make full use of the hidden functions and disable the annoying features; Available for BMW, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, etc.

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