1. Who will be responsible for my import duty?

  • Some products we have to ship from Hong Kong or China when local stock was totally sold out. In this situation, it might costs some extra import fee. But please no worry, we will confirm with the buyer if you accept a package comes from China or Hong Kong before the shipment. Only we get the permission from the buyer we can ship package from other countries.
  • Import duty is what your country customs will charge you when your package passes through your country customs. It's always buyer's responsibilities to clear customs and pay the relevant custom duties. So dear customer, your package import duty will be responsible by importer yourself. We are not responsible for the import duty. Because we have no idea about your importing country's tariff policy and can not confirm the customs cost. DiagMart.com doesn't add the import duty in our product price or our shipping cost.

2. How much I need to pay for the import duty?

  • The amount of customs is different from one country to another country according to your country's tariff policy.
  • Please note: Our shipping options include Regular Mail and Express Service. So the amount of customs will be different.
  • For package shipped by Air mail Post (please refer to our Shipment Policy), we usually declare invoice value as 10USD and mark it as gift. Usually, we do like this, your package will not be charged for a high import duty by the customs, but it depends on the country tariff policy)
  • For package shipped by Express Service, such as DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT. The amount of import duty will be charged differently because of the difference of your importing country’s tariff policy.
  • DHL upgraded policy about declared value:
  1.  According to the regulation of DHL, the customs declared value should be not less than 80USD, otherwise DHL company will not delivery the package, or some documents will be provided to DHL, which will bring us much inconvenience, therefore, we have to declare the value up to 80USD. Please you get this note.
  2. In order to resist the too-low declared value; the Customs regulate some customs clearance policy. If your package declared value is too low, you will be fined or your package will be seized or returned to us. At the same time, you as the package receiver will be blacklisted in the Customs and DHL.
  3. If you sign for the package with your personal name, we will be required by DHL Company to provide the trade documents between us.
  • UPS and EMS: So far, UPS and EMS haven’t upgraded their customs clearance policy as DHL Company required.
  • Above all, we recommend a regular mail (Singapore Post), if you can’t wait for your package, we recommend you require an Air mail Post, the delivery time of Air mail Post is usually 7-18 days, but you will be charged some import value.

3. What will we do to reduce your import tax?

  • If you have specific requirements on the declared value of the invoice to DHL, please contact us by sending email to sales@diagmart.com. We will make it as you required.
  • If you have no instruction about the invoice declare value, usually we will declare the item value range from 20USD-350USD which depends on the package weight and package volume.

4. What will we do if your package encounter customs clearance issues ?

  • When you encounter customs clearance issues, we will supply you the shipping invoice which you have to supply to customs. At the same time, we also will contact China DHL to help you deal with such situation.
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