Autel MaxiVideo MV108S Auto Inspection Video Scope, 2024 Upgraded of MV108/ MV105 Digital Inspection Borescope, 2MP HD Camera, IP67 Waterproof USB Scope Camera with LED Light, Work with Autel Scanners

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autel maxivideo mv108s 1920P HD Digital inspection camera

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S: The Newest and Most Useful Add-On for Inspection with Wide Applications in 2024

The Autel MaxiVideo Endoscope MV108S allows you to examine difficult-to-reach areas that are normally hidden from sight. With the ability to record digital still images and videos, this endoscope offers an economical solution for inspecting machinery, facilities, and infrastructure in a safe and efficient manner. You can use the Autel MV108S Endoscope in many hard-to-reach, narrow, and confined spaces, both at home and outdoors, such as HVAC systems, vent pipes, engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtub pipes, toilets, and more.

Highlights of the Autel MaxiVideo Endoscope MV108S:

  • Equipped with white LED lights to illuminate dark inspection areas.
  • The small 8.5mm diameter allows it to be used in tight spaces with a depth of field ranging from 3cm to 8cm (1.18" to 3.15").
  • Ideal for up-close visual inspections in confined areas such as engine cylinders and small parts.
  • Super bright LEDs provide 1920x1080 (2MP) crystal clear images.
  • Waterproof with an IP67 waterproof level (Imager Head).
  • Kit includes useful accessories for accomplishing different tasks.
  • Compatible with Autel diagnostic scan tools with digital inspection software.
  • Easy 3-step installation process.

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S: Easily Access Difficult-TO-Reach Areas

  • Illuminate hard-to-reach areas that are usually hidden from sight for inspections.
  • Inspect car pistons, intake valves, engine, cylinders, spark plug, etc without removal.

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S: Applicable Scenarios

  • Car/ Auto Maintenance
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Wall Inspection
  • Home Appliance Repair
  • Air-conditioning Inspection
MV108S 3 USEFUL ACCESSORIES side-view mirror magnet hook

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S: Get to Know Everything Hidden Inside with Precision

The Autel MV108S snake camera with light is a small but useful add-on for Autel diagnostic scan tools that are 7 inches or larger. It can help inspect dark and small vehicle parts, such as spark plug holes, engine cylinders, and other hard-to-reach areas without requiring disassembly.

When used with Autel diagnostic scanners, you can take images and record videos using the Digital Inspection application.

The kit includes three types of matching accessories - a hook, side mirror, and magnet - designed to help retrieve small and hard-to-reach items in narrow spaces such as water pipes, holes, sewers, or corners under sofas.

  • Magnet: Picks up small metal objects, such as dropped rings or screws.
  • Hook: Unclogs obstacles and picks up wires in pipes or other confined spaces.
  • Mirror: Helps to look around corners and see areas that are otherwise unreachable.
mv108s is compatible with all autel scanner

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S: Designed to Work with Autel Diagnostic Scan Tools

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S inspection camera is compatible with all Autel diagnostic scan tools that have a screen size of 7 inches or larger, allowing for real-time display of inspected parts.

Compatible Models for Autel MV108S:

  • MaxiCheck/ MaxiCOM MX808/MK808 Series: MX808/ MK808/ MK808S/ MK808Z/ MK808BT PRO/ MX808TS/ MK808S-TS/ MX808S-TS
  • MaxiPRO MP808 Series: MP808/ MP808S/ MP808K/ MP808TS/ MP808BT/ MP808BT PRO/ MP808BT Pro Kit/ MP808S Kit
  • MaxiDAS DS808 Series: DS808/ DS808K/ DS808S-TS
  • MaxiSys MS906 Series: MS906/ MS906S/ MS906TS/ MS906BT MK906BT/ MS906 Pro/ MS906 Pro-TS/ MK906 Pro/ MK906S Pro/ MK906 Pro-TS
  • MaxiSys MS908 Series: MS908/ MS908S Pro II/ MS908CV
  • MaxiCOM MK908 Series: MK908 II/ MK908P II
  • MaxiSys Elite Series: Elite/ Elite II/ Elite II Pro
  • MaxiSys Intelligent Diagnostic: MS909CV/ MS909/ MS919/ Ultra/ Ultra Lite S
  • IMMO Series: IM608/ IM608 Pro


  • For MK808/ MP808/ DS808 series, you may need to update the system software to V2.62 or above to access the "Digital Inspection" software.
  • Autel TS608/ IM508 is not compatible with MV108S.

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S: Plug and Use

Step1: Connect the removable imager head cable to the handgrip, ensuring that the key and slot are properly aligned. Once aligned, tighten the knurled knob by hand to hold the connection firmly in place.

Step2: Power up the Autel Scanner, and select the “Digital Inspection” Icon on the Job Menu.

Step3: Connect the Autel MV108S inspection camera to the Autel scanner using the USB connection.

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S Comparison Chart

>Autel MaxiVideo MV108S Comparison Chart

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S Packing List

mv108s packing list


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MaxiCOM MK908 $895.00 $626.00 Shop Now
MaxiCOM MK908 II $895.00 $749.00 Shop Now
MaxiCOM MK908 Pro $1,295.00 $726.00 Shop Now
MaxiCOM MK908 Pro II $1,295.00 $759.00 Shop Now
MaxiSys MS908 $895.00 $650.00 Shop Now
MaxiSys MS908 Pro $1,295.00 $795.00 Shop Now
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MaxiSys CV $1,295.00 $959.00 Shop Now
MaxiSys MS909 $1,295.00 $659.00 Shop Now
MaxiSys MS919 $1,495.00 $899.00 Shop Now
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MaxiSys Ultra EV $1,695.00 $1,299.00 Shop Now
MaxiSys Elite $1,295.00 $600.00 Shop Now
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rick K.
Nice clear picture

So far it works great, nice clear picture with its own light on the tip

Good in comparison to other Digital scopes

Works wonderfully and is a valuable addition to the scanner. It performs excellently for both video and photo capture when needed.

Jay H. (United States)
Easy to use and great quality

The Autel MaxiVideo MV108S is an excellent tool for anyone looking for a high-quality video inspection camera. The device is compact, easy to use and produces clear, high-resolution images. The camera's long, flexible cable is perfect for reaching difficult-to-access areas, and the adjustable LED lights allow for optimal image quality in all lighting conditions.

Emma D. (United States)
Upgraded Tool!

Knowing that Autel has upgraded the MV108, I'm so happy to buy this MV108S as my old one has borken by accident. Amazing for this one!

Marco R. (United States)
Magic Tool!

This tool is really worth the money! Not only can it inspect vehicles, but it can also come in handy if there are any hard-to-see areas that need repair around the house!

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