Autel MaxiScan MS300 OBD2 Code Reader/Scanner, Turn Off Engine Light, Read/ Erase Fault Codes, Check Emission Monitor Status

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Autel MaxiScan MS300 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader

The MaxiScan MS300 code reader is compatible with various OBDII protocols, such as KWP2000, ISO2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, and CAN. Despite its compact size, the MS300 can retrieve the same emission-related information as larger and more expensive scanners. It is designed to work with most OBDII compliant vehicles manufactured after 1996, including those equipped with CAN protocols.

autel ms300 main features

Autel MaxiScan MS300 Features:

  • Turn Off Check Engine Light
  • Read/Erase Engine Fault Codes
  • Reset OBDII Monitor Status
  • Retrieve I/M Readiness Status
  • Review the Emission Readiness Status of OBDII Monitors
  • Retrieve VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) on 2002 and Newer Vehicles, Supporting Mode 9

Turn off Check Engine Light

The Autel MaxiScan MS300 OBD2 scanner allows you to access the PCM module of OBD2 compliant vehicles. It enables you to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), ensuring that your engine is in good condition. Additionally, it can turn off the Check Engine Light once proper repairs have been performed based on the DTC displayed on the backlit screen.

Turn off Check Engine Light

Read/Clear Codes & Retrieve VIN Number

Read, Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

The Autel MaxiScan MS300 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader is capable of reading and retrieving trouble codes, including generic codes, pending codes, and manufacturer-specific codes. It is compatible with most domestic vehicles (sedans, SUVs, and light trucks) manufactured after 1996, as well as European vehicles manufactured after 2002 and Asian vehicles.

Locked in "Linking" Troubleshooting

Follow the correct order:

  • Step 1. Engine off
  • Step 2. Plug it in
  • Step 3. Turn ignition on

"No menu other than read and clear codes" Troubleshooting

After reading codes, it will display the codes or "DTC 00, I/M YES" on the screen. Then it will switch to Menu:

  • 1. DTC automatically. Hit "Scroll" button to scroll down the menu. You shall find 2.ERASE, 3. I/M, 4. VIN, 5. RESCAN. If you have issue finding the menu, please let us know directly.
Read/Clear Codes & Retrieve VIN Number

Smog Check

The MS300 Check Engine Code Reader retrieves I/M readiness status to help pass annual smog check.

Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage

The Autel MaxiScan MS300 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader is compatible with all sedans, SUVs, and light trucks manufactured in 1996 and newer, as long as they are OBDII compliant. It supports all OBD2 protocols, including CAN, VPW, PWM, ISO, and KWP 2000 protocols.

Note: MS300 Code Reader does NOT support JOBD, KOBD or any other protocols that are not OBDII.

Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage

Easy to Use

The MS300 OBD2 scanner features a user-friendly design with two buttons and a backlit 2-line LCD display. It is equipped with an integrated 16-pin OBDII plug for easy connection. To ensure correct usage, please follow the steps below:

  • 1. Turn engine off
  • 2. Plug it into the DLC port of the vehicle.
  • 3. Turn ignition on
  • 4. Use the "enter" button to confirm and escape and the "scroll" button to scroll.
ms300 is easy to use

Safe & Durable

The MS300 OBD2 scanner is designed to communicate with your vehicle in a reliable and secure manner. It is built with a durable cable that ensures a strong and stable connection. Despite its small size, the scanner is built to last and withstand regular use.

ms300 is safe and durable

Autel MaxiScan MS300 Specifications

Display Backlit LCD, 2 lines, 8 characters each
Operating Temp 0 to 50 ℃ (32 to 122 ℉)
Storage Temp -20 to 70 ℃ (-4 to 158 ℉)
Power DC12V provided via the vehicle battery
Dimensions (LxWxH) 113 mm (4.4") x 74 mm (2.9") x 21 mm (0.83")
Weight 250 g (0.55 lb.)

Package Includes:

  • 1x MaxiScan MS300 Main Unit
  • 1x 16 PIN Standard OBD2 Cable

MS300 Product guides and documents

MS300 User Manual (PDF)

Certificate is Autel Authorized Online Agent. Products Created by Autel ® Innovation & Quality You Can Trust.



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Q:Where are my orders shipped from?

A:Your order will be shipped from California or New York. If you want it to be shipped from a specific place, please let us know in advanced.

Q: If the one year free update expires, will it stop working?

A:You can still use your tool as usual even the one year update expires. It will not impact the normal usage of the tool. But if you need the newest vehicle coverage, it's better to update.

Q: How do I know whether this tool cover the vehicles I want?

A:Generally, our tools are compatible with all the OBD2 vehicles, but functions may differ the vehicle makes and models. Please contact us and provide the VIN and vehicle make and model so that we can tell you the functions it supports.

Q: Can I return the item if I realize that it does not fit my purpose?

A:Yes, you can return the item within 30 days from the date you receive the unit.

During the subscription, you will be able to enjoy the latest released function by Autel and can cover the latest vehicle makes and models. If your device expires, you can still use the scanner's all functions without any issues, but we recommend you renew the software to enjoy the latest released function and expand coverage for the latest vehicle makes and models.

Unleash Exclusive Rights with Upgrades

Exclusive Function with software Upgrades


Get the latest function from Autel

Exclusive Vehicle Coverage with software Upgrades


Expanded coverage for the latest vehicle makes and models

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Auto H. (United States)
Good small device

I have many Autel devices, and I'm a big fan of Autel. And I have AL319 for a few year ago, but it was broken, and I want a new one which can be put in my Glove box. I love it, will always be there.

Edgar C.
Great Product!

Amazing product! I will recommend it to others.

Justin M. (United States)
Money saver!

Handy tool to keep around particularly in older cars. Saves a trip to the dealer or local auto parts store if they are even willing to check codes for you now a days (most Autozones, Advance Auto's, and O'reilly's will not). Easy plug and play. If you don't know what the codes mean, easy to google and narrow down what could be wrong. Particularly useful to identify if it is something as simple as a evap leak code aka loose gas cap!

Buck (United States)
Great product for the price.

Bought this unit to read codes on a 2000 Ford Ranger, worked great got the codes first try, cleared the codes out as well. Have used on a 1996 Chevy Berretta, and 1998 and 1996 Dodge neon's, 2003 Ford Expedition read all the codes and cleared as well. Just follow the simple directions, great time saving maintaining a fleet of kids cars. Codes were easy to find on the internet both the code description and the possible fixes. Also had all the codes in the repair manuals I have for the cars.

Tripp (China)
Works for all my cars, Jaguar, Chevy, Honda, Mazda

Like I said in the title, this works on ever car I own 2007 and up.The price is so cheap and it works perfect. Plug it in, pull the codes, google the codes and find the issues.
Can also reset with this.

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