Autel MaxiBAS BT508 Professional Automotive Battery Tester, Complete Battery( BMS) Diagnostic & Service Tool

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MaxiBAS BT508

MaxiBAS BT508 is a professional battery tester and mainly designed for automotive battery management systems(BMS) to perform complete diagnostic & service.

Featured a 2.8" LCD screen and integrated printer allowing you immediate printing the test results. It is not only a simple OBD2 code reader but also a top-rated battery tester with AVOmeter. TS508 shows the current state of the battery and electrical system by providing customers with a printed result of the battery and system test. It's a great solution for you to quickly and accurately test most types of 12V batteries, including AGM, standard and maintenance-free batteries.

autel nt508

Autel BT508 Feature


  • Test Batteries in and out of Vehicle
  • Perform Quick Battery Health Check
  • Cold Charging and Cracking Test
  • Conductance and Resistance Test

Diagnostic & Service

  • Read and Clear Battery-related Codes
  • Read and Clear OBDII Engine Codes
  • Reset/Register New Batteries
  • Test and service all standard 6- and 12-Volt batteries
  • Test regular and enhanced flooded (Wet), AGM and Gel Batteries
  • Cold cranking Amps (CCA) Range of 100 to 3000 Amps
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled for quick software downloads and email test results
  • Built-in printer, dated and customizable with shop name or logo
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6 Advantages of Autel MaxiBAS BT508

  1. Fast Test: Deliver test results in seconds, ideal for busy shops;
  2. Safe Connection: Safety clamps with reverse polarity protection;
  3. Future Technologies: Support future battery and vehicle types via software updates;
  4. Data Print: Print out or email reports, easy to share with customers
  5. Auto-Save: Saves test reports automatically for later view;
  6. Wi-Fi Enabled: Wi-Fi connectivity to email test reports and update software.
Advantages of Autel MaxiBAS BT508

Autel MaxiBAS BT508 Specification

Display Screen 2.8" LCD Screen, 320*240
Storage 16M SPI Flash + 16G TF card
Input Voltage 5V DC
Working Current <300mA at 5V DC
Internal Battery 7.4V, 1500mAh
CCA Range 100 ~ 3000A
Voltage Range 1V ~ 19V
Working Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/e/i
Demension (L x W x H) 10.2 x 3.9 x 2.3 in
Weight 1.43lb