Autel Elite II Adds a NEW Function --- Intelligent Diagnostics


MaxiSys Elite II comes with a powerful function - the intelligent diagnosis function. It is a specific fault code analysis function, with which you can access the most comprehensive and the latest Vehicle System and Detected DTC(s), Technical Service Bulletin, and DTC Analysis. It has been drawn from real shop repair orders and records and with input from experienced industry professionals. Intelligent Diagnostics adopts the scientific data cloud computing technology to match the specific fault code with the exact vehicle model. And the data has been verified by automotive maintenance professionals.

1. Vehicle System and Detected DTCs — displays the name of the vehicle system(s) and the detected DTCs.

2. Technical Service Bulletin — contains DTC-related recalls, TSB, and OEM campaigns.

3. DTC Analysis — provides repair assistance information related to the fault code.

Control Unit: 

It allows you to manually locate a required control system for testing through a series of choices.

The Maxisys Elite II diagnostic functions(vary by vehicle) may include:

ECU Information — displays detailed ECU information. Select to display information screen. 

Trouble Codes — contains Read Codes and Erase Codes. The former displays detailed DTC information retrieved from the vehicle control module, the latter allows you to erase DTCs and other data from the ECU.

Live Data — retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the vehicle's ECU.

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